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The OPUS-QUAD is now officially compatible with Serato DJ Pro

OPUS QUAD Pioneer 1 HI

The OPUS-QUAD is a new all-in-one DJ system that creates harmony between beautiful design and playability, providing a spectacular DJ experience that you can harness to inspire your audience in any space or location.

You can play with Serato DJ Pro when the OPUS-QUAD is connected via a USB cable to a PC/Mac running the software. On the screen of the OPUS-QUAD, you can now browse the music library in Serato DJ Pro. You can also scratch tracks and control Hot Cues, effects, and more using the evolved interface of the OPUS-QUAD.


To use the software, you'll need to install the latest ​​version of Serato DJ Proand the ​​OPUS-QUAD driver software (only required in Windows) along with the firmware update for the all-in-one DJ system.

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