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Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum Set Review and Giveaway

 Millenium 1


Not only have we conducted a test bench of this set autonomously and working in Pro Tools + Superior Drummer. We tell you in detail, but also we are raffling off the drum set among the readers. Subscribe to the newsletter to participate in the raffle, since in a few days (since the publication of this test bench), we will announce the winner, selected from among those subscribed to the ISP Music magazine newsletter.

We received a unit of the MPS 850 electronic drum set from Millenium, we unpacked it with interest and set it up in one of the rooms of the ISP Music Magazine to test every last detail.

For some time now, work in the “home studio” has been increasing, facilitating rehearsal and recording sessions. The drummer, until not so long ago, was the most affected since studying or playing at home (or in any other place that requires a moderate -even nil- volume) without deafening, was something more complex than for other instrumentalists.

One of the challenges that electronic drums have always presented is the realistic rebound of the sticks on the pads, as well as the action of the bass drum pedals in the first place, easier to achieve with satisfaction, and of the hi-hat in second, whose action fidelity is a complex challenge for this technology.


This set includes a series of components that make the playing experience as close as possible to an acoustic drum set, while maintaining a very competitive price.


Another aspect that defines the quality of the instrument (of all in reality) is the ability to provide the following nuances of execution in order not to limit the musician's language when performing. Consequently, when dealing with a snare, tom, cymbal etc. with reality the MIDI instrument, it must be able to trigger different samples, depending on the part of the piece we play. Bell or open part of the cymbal, rim or center of the pad etc.

Millenium 3


By now we know incredible drum libraries. With a multitude of different samples for each piece. Either by the exact area where the hit is made or by the volume at which it is played since it is not about the same sound louder or softer, but about different sounds considering that the real instrument returns different nuances (in addition to volume) depending on the intensity of the hit. What is known in MIDI as velocity must be able to trigger different sample samples by ranges to grant that so necessary realism.

Well, now the challenge of the drum kit, if we play connected to a good sound library, is to be able to interpret each of those recorded samples with precision to the volume with which the note is given, and the exact area where we hit the drumstick on the pad.


The Millenium MPS-850 stands out for being an affordable and competent option, ideal for musicians looking for a realistic kit without having to invest huge amounts of budget. In our opinion, it is one of the most competitive price options in relation to the quality it offers.


The drum set on the test bench
It comes perfectly well packaged with individual boxes for each piece, inside another box that houses the whole set. Well presented and organized.

The first part is to assemble the stand which will allow us to place cymbals, aerial toms, and bass, bass drum, snare, and sound module. It is a functional, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble rack. Although we have heard on occasion that it does not allow the drum set to be mounted high enough, in our opinion, it can be mounted in various formats, practically reaching any position.


Millenium 2

An interesting consideration in this regard is that the drum set is constructed in a way very similar, if not identical, to the shapes and hardware of a real acoustic drum set. This means that if, at any given time, we wanted to further customize the position (raising the snare, cymbals, etc.) we could purchase straight or boom stands, snare stands, etc. to give our preferred position the millimetric touch. Even so, we can configure the drum set with enough leeway in positions to play perfectly from minute one.


Action of the pedals and feeling when playing
Definitely, this is a great idea: to use hardware from acoustic drums. The same ones you will use in your acoustic drum set. So the action on the feet is more than realistic, real.

HardwareThe bass drum brings a beater with two faces: Plastic and felt. The manufacturer advises that using the plastic side the pad will last longer. Regarding the hi-hat, we think it is one of the most delicate pieces in any electronic drum set. Achieving precision when triggering sounds with the cymbals pressed (closed), semi-open, open, sound of cymbal action closure with the foot, combined with drumstick touches is perhaps the most complex part of any drum set on the market.

Considering the price of this kit and the range it competes with, we must say that the result is more than satisfactory. We especially like that the hi-hat is actuated by a real pedal and stand. The result exceeds our expectations for the investment it represents.

Probably in a highly professional environment, we may feel a bit uncomfortable, or have to slightly adapt to this way of functioning of the piece. But this occurs in almost any electronic drum set on the market, including those in higher ranges that, evidently, require a much higher budget.

Feel of the pads. This type of mesh pad has been used for quite some time in studio drums, like the Pearl Rhythm Traveler, with good acceptance given its good response in rebounds. The pad can be tuned, just like in an acoustic drum, through the hoops. By changing that tension we will get different management of the rebound allowing us to study any rebound technique of the drumsticks, study of the grip when holding them in the hand and their results, or simply to execute our pieces without having to give up many of the virtues that the real pad of an acoustic provides.

Regarding the cymbals, you will trigger different samples depending on the area you play (bell, bow). Besides cutting the sound if you catch it with your hand ("choking" or "mute"), or activating the sounds that the hi-hat will emit depending on whether the pedal is open or closed and whether you hit it with the stick, or if you press the pedal as if the top cymbal of the hi-hat were closing against the bottom one.

The sound module
The kit comes with a module very easy to wire and that connects via USB to the computer (if we want to do it, since the drum set, connected to headphones, is autonomous). It has 30 predefined kits and its sounds will surprise beginners and leave quite satisfied an intermediate-level musician.

Module millenium

Considering its easy connection to the computer—plug and play via USB, with the drum set recognized instantly—we attest: it's quick and easy. We will be able to customize the level of our samples by adjusting them to our demands through libraries triggered from the computer with this instrument.

In our test bench and after testing the autonomous sounds of the module of this drum set, we connected the Millenium to Pro Tools. We generated a virtual instrument track in which we inserted the Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack. We were struck by the fact that all the pieces of the drum set were immediately recognized without having to configure anything. We only detected a tom rim that triggered a crash, which we solved by making a small adjustment in the software configuration.

Ayote Drums    Millnium Superior Mixer 

As you can imagine, the result was very powerful, raising the sensation to already high-performance sound levels. We tested many libraries and pieces with the Millenium, all were triggered perfectly. Although it is convenient to add that some sounds (especially hi-hats) worked even better. Obtaining, in short, a really powerful sound.


Rack back millenium



In summary, the Millenium MPS-850 is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable electronic drum set without compromising quality. Its design intended to simulate the feeling of playing an acoustic drum set, along with compatibility with advanced music software, makes it a valuable tool for both practice and recording.

It is inevitable to consider the quality of the instrument without losing sight of its price. At the time of publication of this test bench 598 €, VAT included. If we compare it with the rest of the offer in the market, this instrument clearly stands out against its competitors. It may not be the only option to consider, but in this range, it is one of the most attractive offers currently available.




  • Excellent quality-price ratio.
  • Mesh pads that offer a realistic rebound.
  • Real hardware pedals that provide an authentic feel.
  • Hi-hat connected to the pedal, providing a more realistic experience
  • Perfect compatibility with libraries and software to elevate or customize the triggered sounds beyond the autonomous capacity of the module itself.
  • Good module connectivity.
  • This set includes 4 toms and 3 cymbals, surpassing most of its competitors. 





  • Advanced musicians may find limitations in expressiveness compared to high-end kits. Although you have to look closely to perceive it or be an experienced musician with professional levels of demand.
  • The internal sound library, although competent, can be improved to satisfy the most demanding users looking for specific sounds. But it is solved, or rather, easily complements, with external libraries according to the demand and tastes of each one.
  • Limitations of height or arrangement, and size of the ride or toms. This is a matter of taste. For the price of the set, we find it more than reasonable and it can always be personalized in the future with more hardware, if desired.





Included material in the box of this pack

  • Module with 550 sounds
  • With 30 predefined kits
  • 20 user kits
  • 100 songs
  • 2 user songs
  • Quick Record function
  • Metronome
  • Equalizer for each kit, Pitch, Reverb. Compressor
  • 6 Faders for volume regulation of each pad, as well as the metronome and the songs
  • 2x Main Jack outputs of 6.3mm
  • 1x stereo Jack headphone output of 6.3mm
  • 1x stereo mini-jack line input of 3.5mm
  • 2x stereo Jack trigger inputs of 6.3mm (already assigned to a second Crash and a fourth Tom Pad)
  • USB MIDI, USB Memory
  • MIDI In and Out
  • WAV sample import
  • Requires a space of 140 x 80 cm for its placement

Set Configuration

  • 1x 10" dual-zone snare pad with mesh head
  • 2x 08" dual-zone tom pads with mesh head
  • 2x 10" dual-zone tom pads with mesh head
  • 1x 8" bass drum pad with mesh head
  • 2x 12" dual-zone crash cymbal pads with choke function
  • 1x 12" three-zone ride cymbal pad with choke function
  • 1x 12" Hi-Hat pad with controller on its stand

Included Hardware

  • Rack
  • Hi-Hat stand
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Power supply
  • Wiring
  • 1 pair of drumsticks

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