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Pioneer PRO AUDIO partners with DJ Mag

Pioneer PRO AUDIO DJ Mag 2 HI

Pioneer PRO AUDIO is pleased to announce that it has partnered with DJ Mag for a two-year deal as its Official Audio Partner. The iconic magazine streams regular DJ sets which are filmed in front of a live audience at its Hoxton HQ, and was looking to improve the versatility and quality of its in-house audio.


Cosmic Electronics installed the system which features loudspeakers from the Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series to cover the dance-floor, as well as its very latest XPRS2 powered speakers for the venue’s custom-made DJ Booth.


Pioneer PRO AUDIO DJ Mag 4 HI

Euan McGraw, Live Broadcast Manager for DJ Mag comments:


We chose Pioneer PRO AUDIO speakers at DJ Mag HQ because of their quality and versatility. We wanted to be able to move the DJ Booth anywhere within the room while maintaining the best possible sound quality. This flexibility means we have the audience 360° around the DJ to create a unique experience for both DJ and crowd.


Cosmic mounted 8 x XY-81 8” two-way full-range loudspeakers on the room’s ceiling to obtain optimal coverage, with a further 2 x XY-215S subwoofers in the dance-floor. 2 x Quattrocanali 4804 DSP amplifiers drive this part of the system. 2 x XPRS2 12” full-range active speakers complemented by 2 x XPRS2 115S active subwoofers are mounted to the portable DJ booth.

Pioneer PRO AUDIO DJ Mag 1 HI

The recently launched XPRS2 draws on the heritage, versatility and mobility of the original Pioneer PRO AUDIO XPRS range to deliver enhanced sound performance and audio-intelligibility in a lighter, even more competitively-priced package.

“Having the speakers split into sections enables us to have so much versatility without any compromise on audio quality. Each week we have the freedom to do something different if we choose to. The whole system enhances the audience’s experience - having good sound across the whole venue is key to creating a great atmosphere for the streams. As soon as I heard the system, I knew we’d made the right choice - the sound quality is right up there with the very best - seeing all the DJ Mag team’s reactions confirmed it! Working with Pioneer PRO AUDIO a and Cosmic has been a pleasure and we will of course be thinking about what we can achieve together next", continues Euan. 


DJ Mag’s streams feature the very best in established and up-and-coming global talent, so we are very proud to be its Official Audio Partner. Cosmic did a great job of designing and installing a Pioneer PRO Audio system that creates an authentic club atmosphere in the space, while retaining the audio flexibility to stage events in a variety of configurations, adds Marketing Executive at Pioneer PRO AUDIO. 


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