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AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0

Pioneer rekordbox IOS 2 HI

rekordbox is a DJ application trusted by countless professional DJs around the world, and this major update to the mobile app enables you to start DJing with just an iPhone or iPad.

Download rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0 and you can start mixing music from various sources, including streaming services such as SoundCloud and TIDAL (subscriptions available separately).


Get started on the rekordbox mobile app for free, even if you haven’t DJed before. Then, when you want to take things further and play more professionally, you can connect gear such as the DDJ-FLX4 – the definitive DJ controller for beginners – to get the most from the rekordbox mobile app.


However you choose to use the rekordbox mobile app – with your iPhone, iPad, or connected DJ hardware – you can be sure the features and effects in the app will create high-quality sounds in your sets. And once you’ve mastered the basics of mixing, you might choose to take out an in-app subscription which enables a host of more advanced performance features and effects.

You can find out more about rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0 here or download it from the App Store. The app is free to use, with an option to take out an in-app subscription that enables more features.



Product overview

  • - Product category: DJ app for iOS and iPadOS.
  • - Version number: rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0.
  • - SRP: Free (additional features available with in-app subscriptions).
  • - Release date: Out now.


Key features


DJ for free with only a smartphone

Simply download rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0 to your iPhone or iPad for free and you can start DJing. Prepare your playlists in Portrait mode, then turn the screen to enter Landscape mode and use the controls on the virtual decks to mix, scratch, and add effects to the music.


Seamless integration with the DDJ-FLX4

The DDJ-FLX4 combines with the rekordbox mobile app to make the perfect setup for beginner DJs and those who’ve experimented with mixing and want to take it to the next level. You can connect the DDJ-FLX4 to your mobile device via a USB cable or Bluetooth®/MD so you can practice at home, play for friends at parties, and share your mixes on streams and social networks.


Support for various streaming services

Link the mobile app with your accounts for streaming services from SoundCloud and TIDAL (subscriptions required) to directly browse their catalogs and mix and scratch tracks from your playlists along with music stored on your device.


Compatible with pro DJ gear and cloud connectivity

When you’re ready to step up, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to professional equipment such as the CDJ- 3000, XDJ-RX3, or XDJ-XZ, then use the hardware to play the tracks saved in the rekordbox mobile app. Plus, you can sync up to 10 tracks with your cloud-based rekordbox library for free with Cloud Library Sync.

This feature is invaluable if you want to use one rekordbox library across different devices, enabling a seamless DJ workflow. For example, you might use your PC/Mac to prepare tracks and playlists, then use your phone to play a gig.


Reliable performance, trusted by professional DJs

The rekordbox brand is trusted by professional DJs around the world. All scratching and effects sounds, as well as app performance, are accurate and high quality. If you take out the mobile in-app rekordbox subscription, you can get your hands on even more advanced functions, effects, and customization options – the same features used by the pros.


Pioneer rekordbox IOS 1 HI

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