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Shure MV7 1 HI

Shure has announced the evolution of its XLR/USB hybrid dynamic microphone with the launch of the MV7+ podcast microphone. This marks a significant step forward from its predecessor, the award-winning MV7 Podcast Microphone, by incorporating a sleeker design and software updates designed to meet and exceed the needs of modern creators, offering better audio quality with ease of use.


Designed for demanding streamers, podcasters, and musicians, the MV7+ is the ideal choice for those seeking to capture broadcast-quality audio even in the most challenging spaces. With Shure's cutting-edge voice isolation technology, attention is focused on the user's voice, avoiding annoying background noise and ensuring exceptional audio in every recording and streaming session.


Additionally, it includes a new Integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) featuring a range of advanced functions, such as enhanced Auto-Level Mode, Digital Popper Stopper™, Real-Time Noise Cancelling, and Adjustable Reverberation. Thanks to its unique fully touch-enabled live measurement LED display and numerous customization options, the MV7+ sets a new standard in sound quality while immersing the user in a vibrant world of colors.

To take the experience to the next level, the MV7+ podcast microphone integrates with the new free desktop MOTIV Mix™ app, Shure's latest MOTIV software interface. MOTIV Mix offers the ability to configure all aspects of the MV7+. The software also provides multi-track recording and routing to help users have greater control over their live broadcasts and recordings. With MV7+ and MOTIV Mix, it's easier than ever to sound authentic, allowing content creators to let their imagination shine brightly.


Modern content creators and streamers are constantly seeking new ways to customize their setup and sound to stand out. The MV7+ is our answer to this challenge. It builds on the legacy of the MV7 and delivers broadcast-quality audio in any environment while allowing creators intuitive customization and control. Thanks to the latest DSP innovations and the new MOTIV Mix desktop app integration, the MV7+ will redefine audio recording excellence for every session, says Sean Sullivan, Associate Director of Global Product Management at Shure.


Features and benefits


  • - Multicolor LED Touch Panel. Enhance the audio experience with a customizable LED touch panel. Choose from over 16.8 million colors to visualize your sound levels or activate an ambient pulse effect. A simple tap anywhere on the live measurement LED panel instantly mutes the microphone, ensuring privacy and control.
  • - Real-Time Noise Cancelling. Harness the MV7+'s advanced DSP technology to eliminate background noise. It works in harmony with the microphone's voice isolation to deliver flawless sound, even in complex recording environments.
  • - Digital Anti-Pop Eliminator. Eliminates loud popping sounds to avoid acoustic distractions and the cumbersome physical pop filter on the camera itself.
  • - Enhanced Auto-Level Mode. Intelligent audio adjustment adapts the microphone gain based on distance, volume, and room dynamics, providing perfectly balanced sound automatically.
  • - Integrated Reverberation: Choose from three built-in reverberation settings (Plate, Hall, Studio) and set intensity levels to add desired depth and richness to recordings.
  • - XLR and USB-C Hybrid Outputs. The MV7+ integrates into any setup, featuring hybrid USB-C and XLR outputs and seamlessly connects to your laptop or phone (iOS and Android), offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.


MOTIV Mix™ App

Unlock the full potential of the MV7+ microphone through the MOTIV Mix software interface. This platform allows users to customize the LED panel, access up to five channels of multi-track recording and routing, and fine-tune settings such as sound signature, gain, and more. A Beta version of the new software will be available to test with the MV7+ at launch, helping users reduce the number of applications needed to streamline their workflows.

The main features of MOTIV Mix include:

  • - Multi-Channel Mixer: Control multiple audio channels for recording, monitoring, or using your mixed audio for live streaming.
  • - Soundcheck: Check your microphone gain settings and optimize them with the help of Soundcheck.
  • - Redefined Mix Slider Monitor. Mix microphone output and system audio playback levels individually.
  • - Full access to advanced DSP functions of your MV7+ Podcast Microphone.


MOTIV Mix will soon be compatible with other previous MOTIV products, such as the MV7 and MVX2U, and will serve as a foundation for upcoming software innovations and Premium features.


Price and availability

The MV7+ podcast microphone comes in two colors (white and black). The black MV7+ is already available on the Shure website and will soon be available in authorized stores in the region.

This summer, the white version will be available along with a special combo, the MV7+ Podcast Kit, which includes the microphone in black and a Gator microphone stand.

Each purchase includes a 3m USB-C to USB-C cable, a printed quick start guide, and a MOTIV MIX manual with download instructions. Other accessories, such as a 15-inch USB-C to Lightning cable and a spare foam windscreen, can be purchased separately.

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