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Genelec monitors meet Dolby Atmos standards

Genelec Shortcut 1 HI

Founded in 1991 and with locations right across Scandinavia, top post- production house Nordisk Film Shortcut AS has ensured its facilities measure up to all of Dolby’s strict requirements with an upgrade project at its Oslo site. The project has seen a Genelec Smart Active Monitoring System deployed to deliver a 7.1.4 Atmos environment.

"We were in dire need of a proper-sized Atmos HE room to produce mixes for Netflix, HBO MAX and so on", recalls Pål Svennevig, CTO at Shortcut. To meet this need, the studio would have to embark on a major refresh project. "We called on the talented team at Tofastrud Romakustikk AS to design a 7.1.4 Atmos room, plus five smaller rooms, which they did to perfection".


Shortcut boasts a rich legacy in the film and production industry and has always strived to combine high-end post-production services with cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise. This commitment to meeting unique client needs spans everything from minor touch-ups to full post-production oversight, plus just about anything in between.


Genelec Shortcut 2 HI

After the decision was taken to upgrade the space to Atmos HE specifications, the first stage was to decide on the monitors.


The first challenge we faced was finding, specifying and pricing up the right monitors for the room. We could not have amps in a machine room for this project, so active monitors with Class D technology were a definite requirement. Getting the right SPL, and a long throw for the LCR, was also very important. And of course, we needed a supplementary subwoofer that actually integrates with the rest of the system and gives enough bass, explains Svennevig.


To address these challenges, Shortcut turned to local distributor Benum Norway AS, and selected Genelec as its primary monitor provider. "We had already decided to go for Genelec in this Atmos room before the acoustic design", states Svennevig. "So it was possible to integrate the monitors very nicely into the room".

Genelec Shortcut 3 HIThe choice of Genelec Smart Active Monitors for the Atmos HE studio project was meticulously tailored to meet the room’s specific demands. Three S3G0 monitors were chosen to handle the left, centre, and right audio channels, ensuring the delivery of clean, transparent sound while also benefitting from the S3G0’s remarkable long throw capability. Four 8350 monitors were deployed to ensure a pristine audio experience for the surround channels, while four of the smaller 8340 models were selected for the height channels. Finally, a 7382 subwoofer was chosen for its ability to provide power and clarity, integrating seamlessly to create a cohesive audio experience within the 7.1.4 space.

With the decision made for the monitoring solution, Shortcut worked closely with Tofastrud Romakustikk on the acoustic design. "Lars Tofastrud designed and calculated the room acoustics for us", says Svennevig. "He also helped with the tuning, adjustment of EQ curves, and time delays in our new Dolby Atmos space".

The combined team of Shortcut, Benum Norway and Tofastrud Romakustikk then worked on the installation for the project, which needed to consider everything from the projection system to the monitors.


With the room complete and open for business, Svennevig is clearly satisfied in the monitoring decision that has been made.


Genelec’s monitors are rock-solid and perform exceptionally well. What truly sealed the deal was how seamlessly they integrated into the studio design. And with GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software, we’ve gained precise control over the entire system – which makes life so much easier. Thanks to Genelec, this studio sounds absolutely incredible, he reasons.

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