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SpectraLayers 10: Now with even more detail, speed and control

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The latest version of Steinberg’s state-of-the-art spectral editing software comes with a range of new tools, processes and significant enhancements which deliver unmatched power to sound editors in every field.

Steinberg today announces the immediate availability of SpectraLayers Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Elements 10, delivering the finest in spectral audio processing. Updated with a redesigned core and greatly evolved AI potential, an array of new features for enhanced control has also been added, making spectral audio editing faster and more precise than in any previous version.


SpectraLayers 10 offers remarkably flexible, powerful and intuitive spectral editing, thanks to its artificial intelligence-driven processing. Sounds are displayed as visual objects and layers, enabling ultra-precise editing for any application, including music and post- production, sound design, audio restoration and much more.


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SpectraLayers’ many new features focus on unmixing, new approaches to speech recognition and processing, enhanced AI-powered editing and comprehensive improvements for better sound results.

The unmixing potential that SpectraLayers 10 has to offer is immense: unmixing tracks into six stems now includes dedicated guitar and drum processing, with additional layers for clean kick and snare drums, as well as cymbals. Use the new Unmix Multichannel Content capability to analyze the relative power of a specific sound across multiple channels, which can then be extracted evenly across them. With the included AI-supported processes — such as Reverb Reduction and Voice Denoiser — better unmixed vocal results can be achieved than ever before.

Turning to unmixing multiple voices and speech transcription, with SpectraLayers 10 users are now able to extract multiple voices to individual layers. Speech can be separated from noise, with each noise reduction algorithm upgraded in this latest version. And there’s more: speech can now be transcribed into nine languages and displayed on the timeline, which is a huge time-saver in audio post-production. Taking ambient space control to the next level, the Reverb Match process now works seamlessly with the Ambience Match, EQ Match and the enhanced Reverb Reduction tool.

More processes feature more control in version 10. Multiple VST 3 plug-in support means users can now chain several effects. The new capability to import multiple audio files is useful for launching a new project or adding layers to an existing project. Also new to SpectraLayers 10 is that multiple process dialogs can be displayed side-by-side for users to toggle between the different processes.

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Other new and capabilities in SpectraLayers 10 include:

  • - Improved sliders enhance making adjustments, no matter how detailed they
  • - Contextual cut/copy/paste allows users to operate seamlessly by simply right- clicking the selection in the desired
  • - Logical layer colors allow users to stay organized by automatically selecting alternate colors when creating
  • - New insert and cropping options are now available per
  • - Preview and apply keyboard shortcuts to simplify the user’s individual
  • - Improved online help is now available to every tool and


We wanted SpectraLayers 10 to be even faster and more powerful than before. This version has truly made a giant leap forward, with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and its rebuilt engine. With all its unmixing tools, speech recognition and processing, enhanced control and many improvements, we are sure that our users will appreciate how much time they will save when working with SpectraLayers 10, says Marketing Manager Luis Dongo. 


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Availability and pricing

Full-license retail versions of SpectraLayers Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Elements 10 are available through the Steinberg Online Shop. The suggested retail price for SpectraLayers Pro 10 is 299 euros or 299.99 US dollars. The suggested retail price for SpectraLayers Elements 10 is 79.99 euros or 79.99 US dollars.

Various downloadable updates, upgrades and crossgrades are available through the Steinberg Online Shop.

Customers who have activated previous versions of SpectraLayers Pro and SpectraLayers Elements since May 24, 2023, are eligible for a free, downloadable grace period update to the latest respective version.

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