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Rhodes celebrates 75th anniversary with limited edition MK8/75AE piano

Rhodes 75ae 1 HI

Iconic musical instrument manufacturer Rhodes announced that it has completed manufacturing of its strictly limited edition MK8/75AE electric piano. The MK8/7AE — anchored on the design of the classic Rhodes MK8 — has been painstakingly created from the ground up and is a stunning accomplishment of technical craftsmanship and aesthetic design.

Each of the 75 new instruments, which have been assembled by hand at the Rhodes factory in Leeds, England, are now shipping to customers around the world and represent an important milestone in musical instrument design and the very fabric of broader musical culture.


Each of these instruments contain the very essence of Rhodes — the legacy of our 75-year history as a brand, and the inspiring craftsmanship of our modern engineers and product designers. The MK8/75AE comprises exacting attention to detail and componentry, superior mechanical engineering and an exquisite aesthetic design. We hope these unique instruments inspire many years of music making among our customers, commented Matt Pelling, CEO of Rhodes Music.


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A classic instrument for the ages

The MK8/75AE is the result of a collaboration between Rhodes Chief Product Officer Dan Goldman and famed industrial designer Axel Hartmann, whose work has touched some of the greatest instruments of our time. The MK8/75AE is based on the foundation of the critically acclaimed Rhodes MK8, but reaches even greater heights with its painstaking aesthetic and performance details, such as analogue effects, a special dark matte finish, and gold accented controls and encasement flourishes.


Following its unveiling at Superbooth and The NAMM Show, the MK8/75AE was met with immediate adulation in the musical instrument community with all 75 instruments selling out within 30 minutes. The company has started shipping these instruments to those who managed to secure one.


Rhodes is grateful to its community of loyal customers around the world. 

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