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Shure Wireless Workbench® 7 software

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Free RF management software introduces scan library, enhanced user interface, improved high-density mode compatibility, and customizable reporting options. 

Starting today, Shure Wireless Workbench® 7 (WWB7) is available for download on MAC OS and Windows.


Wireless Workbench 7, a free software for audio professionals, offers comprehensive tools for radio frequency spectrum management in one place, allowing complete control over compatible wireless devices.


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WWB7 comes with several enhancements compared to its previous generation, including the addition of the WWB Scan Library. The scan library provides users with an online database of RF scans contributed by professionals worldwide, continuously growing. The integrated scan library portal allows users to view recently uploaded RF scans before upcoming productions, further facilitating pre-coordination.

WWB7 introduces an updated user interface that includes an optimized dark mode to ensure a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments. Additionally, users of Shure Axient® Digital and ULX-D in HD mode for maximum spectral efficiency can now generate a set of evenly spaced compatible frequencies by right-clicking on the device profile header. Furthermore, Wireless Workbench now offers more ways to customize reports, ensuring users see only the necessary information for their production.


With each Wireless Workbench update, our goal is to better equip professionals with the tools they need to manage the entire RF management workflow in a single application, from system planning and setup to frequency coordination, deployment, and monitoring. The introduction of the WWB Scan Library and Dark Mode was based entirely on feedback from customers who requested more streamlined pre-coordination of radio frequencies and a user interface designed for dark live music environments. We always take our customers' feedback into account, and we are very excited about the upcoming updates to WWB7, said Nick Wood, Senior Director of Wireless Products at Shure. 

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