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Rhodes offers an authentic experience with its first virtual instrument

Rhodes v8 2 HI

Rhodes Music announced a special promotion on its acclaimed V8-Series software. From Friday, March 22nd, to Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024, musicians and producers had the opportunity to acquire the V8 and V8 Pro plug-ins at a 35 percent discount, exclusively through the Rhodes website.

The V8-Series plug-ins, encompassing both the V8 and V8 Pro versions, embody Rhodes' dedication to merging classic sampling methods with cutting-edge modeling technologies.


Harnessing an extensive library of over 30,000 high-quality samples and precise behavioral emulation, the V8-Series authentically captures the essence of the MK8, Rhodes' latest electromechanical piano. This milestone establishes the V8-Series as the first official virtual instrument from Rhodes, offering an authentic experience.


Rhodes v8 3 HI

The V8 Pro version further enriches the user experience by incorporating an analogue modeled effects section, which includes a compressor, chorus, phaser, and delay, emulating the iconic features of the Rhodes MK8 piano. Both versions are equipped with essential sound shaping tools such as a preamp, a three-band equalizer, and a vari-pan, providing users with the flexibility to achieve their desired sonic characteristics. Additionally, customizable settings for tuning, velocity, damper, and level responses allow for a tailored playing experience, catering to individual styles and preferences.

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