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API introduces the updated 527A

API Compresor 527A HI

Since its debut over 12 years ago, the API 527 has continued to gain popularity with mixing engineers across the world.

Designed with maximum user flexibility in mind, the 527 has always offered fast compression and a characteristically punchy tone coupled with the unmistakable sound of API's analog warmth.

With thousands of 527's currently in service, API is releasing an updated version of the original 527, now called the 527A. Carefully retaining the circuit structure and sound of the original, the new 527A offers the same outstanding performance but with an expanded feature set which includes:

● Improved LED Monitoring of Gain Reduction
● Your Choice of a Hard, Soft, or No Bypass Option

A full list of features and specifications can be found on the 527A product page.


"The improvements were largely made to bring the 527A into conformity with the newer 529 and also the 2500+," commented API's Director of Engineering Todd Humora. "This makes the feature set more consistent across our entire line of VCA compressors"


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