aNorm is the new system from TC Electronic

aNorm TC ElectronicaNorm is an adaptive loudness normalization system, designed for DB6.

TC Electronic, the Company who has developed this system says about it that is not just A new norm; It's THE new norm for loudness processing.

It's a new adaptive approach to loudness normalization, and it's easier to set up and use than any other loudness correction solution.

At the same time, it delivers stellar audio quality and keeps you safely within the boundaries of international loudness standards and legislation.

aNorm also introduces a whole new way of visualizingpre and post loudness processing: the Butterfly MeterTMshows you exactly what happens to the program and why.

Is a revolution in streaming processing in several ways because It keeps dynamics processing at a minimum by normalizing your signal intelligently first

Only if normalization by itself isn't enough to hit the Loudness and LRA targets, aNormapplies dynamic processing.

Further, aNorm adapts intelligently, using just the right tools if dynamic processing is needed. It will never just apply heavy compressing as default.

Once production and transmission are aligned with all targets, production criteria can be refined, thereby automatically making aNorm do less, and maybe eventually only smoothen out transitions.

The innovative Butterfly Meter brings a whole new dimension to loudness metering, providing an instant overview of your audio before and after loudness normalization as it develops in real time.

The Butterfly Meteris not a replacement for our legendary Loudness Radar Meter which shows you loudness over time.

In fact, the Butterfly Meter and the Radar Metercomplement each other perfectly as they were developed for two different purposes.

Here are somo of his features:

2nd Generation Loudness Processor, that is built from ground up to hit loudness targets without sacrificing audio quality.

Adaptive Processing who allows aNorm, adapt to the program seamlessly in several ways.

Independent LRA Setting with a dynamic processing who is automatically invoked if a certain LRA is exceeded.

All Programs and Platforms Handled, both normalized and not-normalized content; HD, SD and Mobile.

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