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RMio64D YamahaYamaha will officially announce the RMio64-D I/O Rack unit for Dante/MADI conversion in broadcast and live sound applications at IBC 2014.

 The RMio64-D is scheduled to be released in late 2014.

The firstYamaha R Series I/O rack units featuring the Dante audio networking protocol, the Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D, were released simultaneously with the CL Series digital mixing consoles in 2012.

 Then in January of 2013 the Ri8-D input-only rack unit and Ro8-D output-only rack unit were added to the lineup.

The new RMio64-D represents the third chapter in the R Series release history, providing unprecedented capabilities for CL/QL console or Nuage DAW systems that use Dante networking.

Audio from a CL/QL live sound system can be converted to MADI and fed to an OB vehicle, or a MADI based console can be easily integrated into a Nuage system for post production, for example.

Word clock synchronization is often an issue when converting between different audio formats, but the RMio64-D MADI inputs and outputs feature built-in sample rate conversion so that sources with differing word clocks can be connected without causing noise or dropouts.

Chihaya Hirai, Yamaha PA department manager, comments: “The RMio64-D allows smooth, simple connection between MADI, a standard multi-channel audio format, and the Dante digital audio networking protocol that is rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide. Built-in sample rate conversion effectively overcomes word clock synchronization issues that would otherwise limit system design freedom, and extensive compatibility with CL/QL series consoles and Nuage systems significantly enhances the value of those products for use in a broad spectrum of sound systems.”

The RMio64-D can be mounted via the CL/QL console touchscreen displays, with convenient remote control of Dante patching and sample rate converter settings (support planned for a future update).

Precision synchronization withNuage system Direct Monitoring and VST System Link functions is also provided, as well as remote control from the Nuage Workgroup Manager software. This type of tight system-wide integration is the key to one-stop solutions that only Yamaha can provide.

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