Roland presents HS-5 Session Mixer

HS-5 ROLANDRoland has announced the HS-5 Session Mixer, a digital mixer and recording interface that lets up to five musicians play and record together, with individual headphone mixes.

Players have individual hands-on control of their personal mix, plus access to reverb and COSM effects for guitar, bass, and vocals.

Bands can capture stereo recordings directly to a USB thumb drive, or connect the HS-5 to a computer via a USB cable and record each channel to individual tracks in a DAW.

Additionally, each musician’s personalized settings can be saved for instant recall, providing quick setup for future rehearsals and recording sessions.

Talking about its features we can resume all his possibilities on:

Performer-friendly digital mixer with high-quality sound and USB; up to five musicians can rehearse or jam while monitoring with headphones; an independent control of the monitor mix for each performer; COSM amp modeling plus vocal effects and built-in reverb; record stereo mixes to a USB thumb drive.

And the last, we can connect to a computer via USB for multitrack recording in a DAW.

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