Korg announces the new sequencer: Volca Sample

KORG VOLCA SAMPLEKorg has expanded its Volca line with the launch of the Volca Sample.

This gadget is the one you need because is which enables you to edit and sequence up to 100 samples in real-time.

Said to be designed with live performance in mind, the Volca Sample is inspired by the first generation of samplers.

Steps can be added to the sequencer using the 16 keys, though you can also record patterns in real-time.

Up to ten patterns can be stored in the internal memory and, for the first time in a Volca product, there's a Song mode.

The Motion Sequencer, meanwhile, enables you to record parameter movements.

Other features include the Analog Isolator: an analogue circuit that can be used to apply bass and treble cuts and boosts while reverb can be applied on a per part basis.

Volca Sample comes with 100 samples preloaded, but you can add your own via a forthcoming free iOS app.

You can reverse the playback of samples, too.

As you'd expect, Volca Sample can be synced with other members of the Volca family and, liike them, it has a built-in speaker and can be battery-operated.

A price and release date have still to be confirmed but, based on the prices of the other Volcas, we'd expect this one to come in at around $150.

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