Alcons Audio will show their new products

Alcons LR24 pro-ribbon line-array 1Alcons Audio will show their new products on the event Prolight + Sound 2014 for users and buyers during this event. The date will be on Frankfurt during 12 and 15 of march.


Alcons Audio will show at first, his two new compact speakers, as additions to the V and B-series. Moreover, it will appear the new RBN202 2 ", which has been extended with a versatile monitor to be used in a wide variety of applications. On the other hand, also displayed their Alcons B series subwoofers with a completely custom design, and a configuration ideal for low V series monitors in a smaller size frequency.

The development of the entity could be due to its block designs and different shades that include products such as the source array of R RR12 series.