Yamaha CIS Loudspeakers Aid The Art Of Composition

Yamaha monitores

Rotterdam-based Codarts is a university providing professional  education in music, arts, circus performance and dance. Because of that, Yamaha’s CIS was the perfect choice to invest in new loudspearkers for studios and classrooms. With very high standards to maintain, the establishment’s composition department decided to raise money for that. 

To every student who was studying in the university of Codarts, the music study programme uffers a broad range to the international proffesional field of arts. Central to the composition department is the ethos of encouraging creative ability and a personal composing style.

The Codarts conservatory has finally, many Yamaha musical instruments and a number of LS9 digital mixers indifferent locations. Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solution series loudspeakers were the final choice for the listening tests.