Yamaha Adds High Quality Automixing And Noise Cancelling Compatibility To MTX5-D Matrix Processor

Yamaha has announced new firmware and application software for its MTX Series matrix processors - a core component of the Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) range - a key benefit of which is making the MTX-5D seamlessly compatible with the MY4-AEC echo cancelling and Dugan-MY16 auto microphone mixing interface cards. Designed specifically for the commercial installation market, the CIS series comprises an expanding range of loudspeakers, multi-channel power amplifiers and the MTX matrix processors.



Previously available for use primarily with Yamaha's DME Series digital mixing engines, the Dugan-MY16 optimises the gain distribution of multiple faders simultaneously, allowing sound engineers to focus on their mix rather than being preoccupied with microphone levels. The MY4-AEC Echo Canceller eliminates unwanted acoustic echo caused by secondary signals of speaker output, or reflections from room surfaces, that are common in teleconferencing applications. The updated MTX series software therefore adds considerable flexibility to the CIS range, because it allows users of the MTX5-D to add all the functionality of the Dugan-MY16 and MY4-AEC, while taking advantage of the excellent facilities to price ratio of the CIS series. “MTX matrix processors are proving popular in installations ranging from prestigious arts centres, such as London’s Royal Academy of Music and the Stockholm Royal Opera House, to conference centres and corporate facilities across Europe,” says Nick Cook, European Marketing Director, Yamaha Commercial Audio.Adding the functionality of the Dugan-MY16 - as used by many European broadcasters, the BBC’s flagship Question Time and London’s QEII Conference Centre - and the MY4-AEC to the MTX-5D means that a broader range of projects now have a cost-effective solution in the CIS series. The new firmware for the MTX Series and Editor software will be released in the middle of January. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Yamaha website.