New TightDrive Pro pedal by Amptweaker

TIGHTDRIVE PRO AMPTWEAKERAfter introducing the popular TightMetal Pro and BigRock Pro distortion pedals in 2013/14, Amptweaker started working on the 2 button version of our popular TightDriveTM.

With its included Fat and Smooth switches, the TightDrive Pro can get all the familiar tones from our popular TightDrive pedal, and with the Gain switch turned OFF, transparent overdrive tones are plentiful.

Unlike most 2-button overdrive pedals with boost, the TightDrive Pro includes 2 Boost knobs, one before and one after the distortion so it's easy to boost the gain and volume, for the perfect solo tone.

And per customer requests, the Boost Volumecontrol has also been tweaked to allow cutting of the volume when the Gain is boosted, so it's easier to balance the volume.

There's also a Midboostbutton that works with the output Boost knob, to help solos cut through the mix.

The TightDrive Pro has a Smooth Edgeswitch which cuts the high end sizzle for a warmer edge or adds clarity when it's off, depending on your perspective.

There are also 2 Fat switches for the rhythm and/or Boosted tones to have a thicker attack with a bit more compression, by extending the lowend to a more normal range.

The added three band EQ allows for much tonal variation, with its PlexEQ button for more traditional stack tone.

A new 'cleaner' noise gate was developed for the TightDrive Pro, which is designed to reduce noise while maintaining the cleaner tones it's capable of.

This new tool includes 3 effects loops: Universal, Boost with Pre/Post switches, and the SideTrak loop that works when the pedal is off Patch in clean effects; and more, it can be used as a preamp, or into the front of your amp.

Finally, the pedal runs on 9V-18V batteries or supplies-like 'variacing' your amp up and down, or similar to 50W versus 100W tone and has a magnetic battery access door opens w/o solos.

TightDrive Pro is a handmade in the USA pedal that includes 5 year warranty.