Fender announces new limited editions of his traditional guitars

FENDER ANIVERSARIO                                                                                                                          In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster, Fender has announced the release of several limited edition American Standardand American Special Strat guitars, as well as a special edition Jazzmaster guitar.

The American Standard Stratocaster now comes in a new limited edition model featuring Fender's innovative channel-bound compound-radius fingerboard and the time-honored look of a Dakota Red or Sonic Blue gloss finish.

The fingerboard is inlaid into the neck in a design with an elegant appearance and a distinctive fretting-hand feel in which both edges are comfortably rounded, with no side seam between neck and fingerboard.

In addition, Fender introduces two brilliant new limited edition looks for the American Standard Stratocaster--Vintage White with a tortoiseshell pickguard and rosewood fingerboard, and Aztec Gold with a parchment pickguard and maple fingerboard.

The U.S.-made American Special Stratocaster HSS now comes in a supercharged limited edition model with a Seymour Duncan® Pearly Gateshumbucking bridge pickup for even more pure, powerful tone.

The Blacktop Jazzmaster is now available in a scorching special edition HH model with dual humbucking pickups for even more supercharged tone.

Further, a new all-black look features a Candy Apple Red racing stripe that takes a sleek cue from the great "competition stripe" Fender models of the late '60s and early '70s.