Landau Boost: the new pedal

Landau Boost VERTEXThe Landau Boost is the ultimate transparent clean boost and volume pedal in one.

It is expertly crafted to provide total volume control over your signal with ZERO degradation (from 0 to +16dB over unity gain) via an EXP.

Simply connect the Boost with any EXP pedal and control your volume as you would using a volume pedal (but without any tone-suck).

Since your guitar signal is completely isolated from the EXP pedal, your tone remains open and full-range, and most importantly, it feels like you're plugged straight into your amp.

Landau Boost’s features:

True Bypass.

100% Analog Circuitry.

Total Control of Output Level via EXP.

Up to +16dB of Available Clean Boost.

Handcrafted in California.

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