Adam Hall creates Split Lid Butterfly

ah Split Lid Butterfly 4Adam Hall has created, with a clever idea, a simple doble close with butterfly sistem.

At the beggining of summer time, twice as nice lids with the Split-Lid Butterfly from Adam Hall.

For flightcases with split caps and hoods, Adam Hall now provides a new butterfly latch.

This new tool represents a major simplification in case construction, but is also easier to handle.

Thanks to the small split half of the cranked, 14 mm deep dish, only two instead of four fasteners are needed in many cases and the labour-intensive closing profile transition at the corners becomes unnecessary.

Opening and closing is also more comfortable with the Split-Lid Butterfly and the integrated Push Flat function ensures that the latch does not stand out from the dish further than necessary.

Talking about the technical items:
Material: Steel
Surface: galvanized
Ø mounting holes: 5.1 mm
Shell type: cranked
Shell size: short
Bowl depth: 14 mm
Push-flat Function

Finally, Split Lid Butterfly has some additional features like his split smaller frame for easy construction of Cases with split lid / split Hood.

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