Invicta: new Electra Guitars' design

invicta de Electra GuitarsElectra Guitars doesn’t stop to grow on her idea: develope the latest instruments with the best technology, so they are launching an updated and upgraded Invicta electric guitar model.

By releasing old Invicta version, it was the perfect opportunity to release the unvanquished innovative Five Position Coil Linkage System to provide guitarists with an assortment of tones unrivaled by other production builders.


The unique one-and-one-half-cutaway guitar body is made of ash and highlighted by a carved, quilted maple top. The medium C-shaped, maple set-in neck melts right into the sculpted heel with 22 jumbo frets, a 12-inch radius rosewood fretboard, mother-of-pearl inlays, GraphTech Tusq nut, a double-acting truss rod and a three-on-three headstock.

Tortoise binding is featured around the body, along both sides of the neck and crowning the entire headstock. Chrome hardware includes the new Electra tuning machine heads by Hipshot, large strap buttons and the TonePros bridge and stop tail piece system.

Available finishes are Trans Ruby or Natural.

Based off of a two-humbucker, two-volume control system, Electra Guitars has created the Five Position Coil Linkage System.

In addition to functioning like a standard two-pickup/three-way toggle configuration seen on other guitars, the new system provides the guitarist an array of nine pickup combinations and tones.

“We use tones like painters use color. The more colors a painter has at his or her disposal, the better the art can be. With tones, it’s no different; we feel the more tones a guitarist has to work with, the better the music can be” added Gene Ymiolek, Electra Guitars CEO.

Electra has built a diverse line of guitars and basses with lower prices wich make it available for all publics; prices are from $599 to $999 range.

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