The new three guitars that complete S2 Series, made by PRS

PRS S2 NUEVASLast year, PRS began a new adventure, since then, the brand has not stopped to think what they could do to develope new guitars.

After a year thinking about to offer to guitar lovers the best options, they have not created only one; they have created three guitars that complete the S2 series. Their names: Singlecut Semi Hollow S2, S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow and Semi Hollow Mira S2.

Made in Maryland, and economically designed to be affordable for all without reverse in the quality standards of the Brand, these are the best option to play.

This new three guitars shared physical characteristics such as semi-hollow body with a "ƒ" on top of the lid.

But, let’s talk a little more about each one:

The Singlecut Semi Hollow S2 consists of a semi-hollow body and dressed in figured maple top.

Its neck, with rosewood fingerboard integrates a fixed bridge and PRS brand that is "wrap-around" type.

Complete with a pair of pills brand and indicated specifically for the S2 # 7 series, which has the option of coil-tap.

The second one, S2 PRS Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, is a guitar made ​​by a double-cut style body, also mahogany, as above and outside covered with a wooden lid figured maple.

As the mast, its composition includes mahogany in whith the caracteristic rosewood fingerboard in PRS, PRS vibrato, and two pills PRS model S2 # 7 coil-tap option is also included.

To complete the family, we can find the PRS Semi-Hollow S2 Mira, the body, created in mahogany, and completed with the mast of the same material with rosewood fingerboard. A fixed bridge PRS wrap-around style, and a couple of pills PRS S2 Mira specific.

The best way to celebrate a year with us.