Yamaha Releases Software Updates For CL, QL Mixers and StageMix

YAMAHA ACTUALIZACIONES SOFTWAREYamaha has released software updates for its CL and QL series digital mixing consoles, as well as updated versions of its StageMix iPad app.

Available now as free downloads are V2.03 firmware and CL Editor for CL series consoles, V1.07 firmware and QL Editor V1.03 updates for QL series consoles and Version 4.5 StageMix iPad apps for QL, CL, M7CL and LS9 consoles.

New additions in CL firmware V2.03 include:


Daisy chain inserts. Users can now insert two devices into a single channel or bus; DCA control on master channels, stereo/mono bus or Mix Matrix; DCA Roll out for quick (one button) access to DCA assignments on the fader Banks; Monitor Gain reduction meters assigned to the Channel display.

In addition, CL consoles now support the Mix minus function, which removes a specific channel signal from the signals sent to the Mix/Matrix busses.

Doing the music work easily, some new functions can be assigned to the user defined keys, knobs and assignable encoders; the users can now temporarily unmute a muted channel in the mute group.

For more, Recall Safe parameters are now linked for linked channels and if Gain Compensation is enabled, users can link the digital gain to the analogue gain operation.

Users can now compare the sound before and after gain adjustments during GEQ operations.

StageMix Version 4.5 adds the following features to remote iPad control of CL, QL, M7CL and LS9 consoles:

The full control of the console’s oscillator; the possibility of direct channel navigation in the PEQ/GEQ/Dynamics editor screens.

Global pre/post setting for mix sends is available and the chance of rename mute groups.

Analogue gain / digital gain linking and you can insert 1/2 for graphic EQs.

Finally, the firmware updates and Editor software updates are available as free of charge downloads from www.yamahaproaudio.com and StageMix 4.5 can be downloaded free from the iTunes store or direct to an iPad via the IOS App Store app.

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