New M and MI Proel series

MESAS PROELProel is the brand who has created two new lines of mixers; these two ranges, M / MI, are focused on live applications and introduce new features and technical characteristics with the same perfect appearance: the exquisite finishes and robustness are essential priorities for Proel.


MI series includes three new models that share features such as its high quality entries, developed by a full team of R & D company, ultra-resistant metal chassis that make i an ideal instrument for the use on stage and in worst conditions. Proel offers it with a good price.

The smallest, the MI6, looks like an ultra compact mixer with the power of bigger tables, whith a strong, clean sound and a full set of mixing tools.

Also features 2 preamp inputs Mic / Line XLR and Jack input-F and 2 line inputs with input over Jack.

The range of inputs is completed with 1 I / O 2TR.

The other two models developed fot MI collection, MI10 and MI12, are equipped with 10 and 12 entries respectively.

Both incorporate a digital multi-effect system quality, the Proel PROFEX 24-bit DSP provides 256 preset effects including TAP TAP delay and delay + Reverb with a perfect selection to the effect that we like LCD display.

To complete the set, one aux send per channel, in the case of MI12, we add another post fader and Control Room output is integrated.

Focusing now on the Proel range of M series, we know its perfect sound quality, which has preserved its predecessors and also incorporated new features and perfect design.

Regarding the first, the M602, noted for its compact size and versatility. With 4 mic preamps, two with hybrid connectors MIC / Line, a parametric EQ per channel and an aux send, is perfect for the needs of small actions easily meets the needs of small actions.

As throughout the series, including a digital processor with 24-bit PROFEX return and control room output.

The most amazing innovations come when we start to play the 822USB and 1622USB models.

In case of the former, has 6 mic preamps, 2 of them hybrids for a total of 10 inputs, this time with sliding faders; 2 auxiliary sends and output control room round a block ideal functionality.

As the table 822USB, working with Proel PROFEX DSP processor, further delay and delay reverb boasts many compressors per channel.

But if we want to connect with other external computers, there is a USB to host bus, which makes a complete recording system.

Meanwhile, the 1622USB not only offers 12 mic preamps (8 of them with compressor) but also adds 4 aux sends per channel and parametric EQ which provides power and versatility for use only on direct or as monitors side table into smaller bands without minimizing the functionality and quality.

It also has a graphic EQ on the master output and XLR PROFEX balancedas and the system of which we have spoken above.

Finally, the entire M class, is shown in a box and ears to be mounted in rack.