Pioneer shows new Rekordbox 3.0 version

REKORDBOX3.0 PIONEERIt is important for Pioneer to be on the newest technology, this is why the brand has developed the best upgrades for Dj Music Management Software "Rekordbox" more convenient, accessible and innovative. 
This new version 3.0 includes a number of new features, including a new interface and the ability to tag tracks.
Among the new features included a new feature that allows you to link to other issues that the software recommended while TRACK RELATED function makes suggestions based on the key or BPM track. 
The update also includes a crossfader software to test mixtures, improved synchronization, beat grid most accurate and the ability to view up to five playlists at once. 
About the software, we want to point out that it can be downloaded for free at Pioneer and manage the musical material that is stored on your Mac / PC
This function is developed for comfort of Dj's, which today is making strides since, through websites or mobile phones and other devices, you can access a wide range of tracks; so it is in this area that the new version of Pioneer develops analyzing music information (position beat, BPM and key information) and setting and storing information cues / loops or hot cue points during preparatory session who is developing the Dj. 
Another added features include: MY TAG and MATCH (oriented instant selection of the best music and the insertion of keywords for mixing information of each track by selecting the songs); the PREVIEW function (allows users to browse and use music directly from a list); PLAYLIST PALETTE (for viewing and editing of up to five tracks play); SYNC MANAGER (for the use of the latest playlists using visualization and simple synchronization of playlists of various pieces of software and devices). 
The 2PLAYER function; added to the simple control of the compatibility between two songs and network information, which mixture is being done with this software. Master tempo works with changes in tempo and key changes, without altering the tempo, besides being able to check the status of the actual performance of the DJ session. 
Finally, accessibility is excellent thanks to its beat grid display more accurately using the beat analysis technology position with a new analysis algorithm; also offers support with writing music data stored on an external hard drive and allows the creation of music playlists and export data, even while running other operations with an increased speed to develope our Dj sessions quickly.

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