Avid has announced two developed system, Venue 4.5 and EuControl 3.2

VENUE 3.5 Y EuControl 3.2Avid has announced two new software updates for mixing and producing direct S3L. 
These two new systems called EuControl Venue 4.5 and 3.2 and will be available from September this year. 
The possibilities S3L system such as recording 64-track Pro Tools for Ethernet and perfect sound quality providing its processing engine HDX are now completed with the new features "I / O sharing" and "gain tracking" enabling connection with a single Ethernet AVB S3L several systems that facilitates complementation racks inputs and outputs. 
In addition, you can work with AAX plug-ins 64-bit interface and autonomous audio which has equipped the surface S3, which is compatible with Pro Tools and the most popular DAWs. 
About "gain tracking" system, we need to add that in this update software, we can highlight the opportunity to work with several systems S3L ever online with their operators. 
Everyone can share remote racks of inputs and outputs, with independent gain settings, Stage16 type; this means that if the gain were changed by a techniciam the other technicians wouldn’t have any problems with the gadgets (FOH and monitors, etc.), although they are working on the same pre shared. 
How does this function makes it possible? 
With the development of "gain trackin" or tracking gain automatic compensator that works across all channels so you don’t have to worry about this, because it always keeps its individual control input in the range of +10 dB to +60 dB, because it doesn’t affect in the sound quality. 
It is one of those features that make a difference towards, It is the one with this fuction;  other systems have "digital trim" soluton having a limited dynamic range that can obviously be overcome by the various fluctuations analog gain giving rise to distortions or audio clips. 
Regarding Venue 4.5, your chances increase as a customization layer of the S3 surface faders for each snapshot according to the preferences and needs of each technician every time.