Do you know how to Arate your mike?

DSC 0193 optArapolarmic is a professional audio software tool for monitoring directivity of microphones which enhances the decision making process for better positioning microphones in any live or recording set. With the technical data of each microphone model and through the use of augmented reality, the tool monitors the scene in real time, tracks the microphone´s position an displays its directivity in tablet’s screen through its polar pattern.

Arapolarmic is the first system in the world for monitoring directivity of microphones. It displays the polar pattern of the most popular microphones on your tablet. The polar pattern is overlaid over the real time image of the microphone using the tablet’s camera. The microphone’s position and orientation is clearly shown on the screen. This allows the user to inmediatly see the microphone’s polar pattern relative to the sound source.

It is easy to read the data and see the different possibilities of convenient positioning for the microphone, with an uncomplicated representation of the on and off-axis position and main frequencies. For instance, a particular microphone may have a more useful polar pattern with a dead angle for specific frequency that may suit a specific task.

Seeing the actual polar pattern in real time makes even the most complex microphones set-up easy to do.  Its purpose being a useful, visual and intuitive tool to help sound engineers reach the best possible audio capture and recording conditions. As updates come out, new features and microphones models will be incorporates to the tool.

The benefits of the tool are that it provides visual reinforcement which enables an immediate awareness of the microphone´s relative position to sound sources. Seeing the polar patterns in real-time with Arapolarmic makes even the most complex microphones set-up easy to do. The display of each model´s directivity gives the user an estimation of the falloff for each source´s part on the resultant signal, according to their off-axis position and main frequencies. No recording or post processing is needed. Just reposition the microphone and notice with Arapolarmic how easily each unwanted sound can be damped even before de first take.

Polar patterns can be scaled and rotated over the microphone’s axis, to better grasp the relation of the microphone to its environment. The tool offers its users the ability to choose, in real time, what data to display to them and how, as well as saving several presets of their preferences for later use.  Enable o disable the patterns for each frequency separately, being all enabled as a default for each directivity the microphone may provide.

Charts can be shown in several color schemes to make the data stand out from the background, with several grid models available. Adjust brightness and color settings of the video feed to obtain an optical visualization under different lighting conditions. Browse through a library of microphone spec sheets:  Arapolarmic becomes an easy access and convenient reference tool in any microphone setting.