Beta Testers required for the new Duende Native V5

Duende Native Plug-ins Group 572As part of the outgoing commiment to deliver their products, Solid State Logic is about to conduct a Public Beta Test for the new “Duende Native V5” plug-in collection. For that, they need 300 testers to try their VST/Audio Units/RTAS plug-ins for two weeks and then fill a questionnaire giving feedback on how it went.

The people selected to participate in the programme would receive a web site address and some log in details, then they´ll need to log in and download some software, install it, and activate a demo license. Then they´ll be using it for a couple of weeks. Solid State Logic will give details for a forum where participants can give feedback as they go along if they want to. When the test phase is over, participants would complete a 10 min “Exit Survey” questionnaire giving some simple information about their experience. The software will be a fully functional “release candidate” which has already been tested by a smaller group of professional beta testers. The programme is essentially ready to be launched so participants should not have problems and should present no threat to their systems. The point of a Public Beta Test is to ensure that software which they know works on a relatively small number of systems, works as it should on a much larger selection of host computers and combination of host software.

All participants will receive in return one free Duende Native plug-in. When participants complete the “Exit Survey” they will be invited to select which of the Duende Native Plug-ins they would like to receive. Free plug-in licenses will be delivered to participants after the product has been publicly launched.

They will select 300 participants based on their combination of host computer and host DAW software environment to ensure that they get a good cross section of test systems. To participate therefore it would be needed a MAC or PC computer and a least one host application which can run VST/Audio/ Units/ RTAS plug-ins. Duende Native Plug-ins run natively using a host computer, they do not require a Duende hardware unit.