Get a synthsational deal on 8 top synths

sintetizador massive

If you want so turn your studio into a courtyard you only have one week to do it, because the eight leader synthesizers will be only available for half price until 17th March.

To obtain lower and main sounds you have MONARK and MASSIVE. MASSIVE is the heavyweight synthesizer designed for colossal and pervasive bass sounds in the studio an on the stage.  Meanwhile, MONARK capture the details, is the king of monophonic synthesizers and analog modeling. Futuristic touch comes with RAZOR and FM8. RAZOR combines art sound and unmatched integration with MASCHINE. FM8 integrates bright dynamic FM sound with optimum quality and innovative features. The finest sound comes from REAKTOR PRISM and REAKTOR SPARK. REAKTOR SPARK brings dynamic and unpredictable element to the sounds to make them chaotic. REAKTOR PRISM uses modal synthesis to produce a reactive polyphonic instrument which allows fascinating skills and sound modification. Finally, SKANTTER XT and ABSYNTH will take your studio to the farthest limits of sound. SKANNTER XT is half sampler and half synth path. ABSYNTH is a semi-modular synthesizer for pads, rhythms and abstract soundscapes, perfect for creating unusual tracks.  



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