Funky Junk helps Ruadhri Cushnan Upgrade His Monitors

Ruadhri Cushnan with ATC Monitors

Funky Junk has supplied Award-winning Mix engineer Ruadhri Cushnan with a pair of ATC SM25A studio monitors. Nowadays, the monitors have now been installed at Cushnan's project studio.


Ruadhri Cushnan has said that he knew that “ATC had a great reputation as a monitor manufacturer and I'd specifically heard a few people talk favourably about the SM25s. Because of that, he considered that –despite of having his own mix spice since 2007- “when I mentioned to the Funky Junk guys that I needed to improve my monitors they suggested that I try them. I did, and they were amazing, so I decided to buy a pair."

Both of them are very friendly about this project together, because “it was a happy accident, but has definely worked out well to having a big studio”.