Alto Professional provides powerful, mobile speaker solution with wireless Black Series

Black15 Angle wbLG copyAlto Professional’s all-new active Black Series collectively comprises three two-way loudspeaker models — namely, the Black 10, Black 12, and Black 15 (which, as implied by name, feature 10-, 12-, and 15-inch low-frequency drivers, respectively, alongside a 1.75-inch high-frequency driver, and are optimised with a 90° x 60° coverage field and an extensively tested high-frequency waveguide) — and two subwoofers — namely, the appropriately-named Black 15 Sub and Black 18 Sub (with 15-, and 18-inch low-frequency, long-excursion drivers, respectively).

All are designed and tuned to exacting standards in the USA with premium, purpose-matched components, and come complete with wireless technology. To be sure, all are remote-controllable via the Live Drive speaker app for iPhone and iPad, available for free from the App Store in December — level-match, adjust EQ, time-align, and more from anywhere in a room to nimbly adapt the speakers to suit new venues or performances! Pronounces Alto Professional Director of Engineering Bernard Werner: “Wireless control is incredibly useful, especially when the speakers are suspended or hard to get to. The Live Drive functionality lets you leave the normal mix position to tweak and fine-tune speaker settings via DSP so your system sounds perfect.”

Perfecting that system sound is helpfully boosted by the impressive inbuilt 2,400W peak (1,200W continuous) Class D power provided by each member of the Black Series family. For Jay Schlabs, Executive Director of Sales at Alto Professional, it’s a no- brainer. “We’ll put the Black Series up against any other speaker — and we have,” he touts. “The results in our live shootouts, every time, are unanimous. These speakers perform at an unrivalled level. People are blown away.”

Home or away, the Black Series loudspeakers’ unrivalled levels of acoustic accuracy are perfect for high-end club installations, mobile DJs, and any other on-the-road application. Blow by blow, each model has what it takes to capably handle whatever is asked of them — steel-reinforced rubber feet; a powder-coated steel grille; a heavy-duty plywood cabinet covered in a rugged, highly-durable, scratch-resistant finish; and comfortable, custom-moulded handles all conspire to play an important role here. How about a built-in mixer with two Mic/Line combo inputs, volume controls, and a balanced XLR mixed output? All are present and accounted for here, too — as are up to 12 rigging points for overhead suspension. Each loudspeaker is also multi-angled, allowing for use as a floor wedge monitor. Intelligent design takes on a whole new meaning here!

Meanwhile, alongside adjustable level and polarity controls, the Black 15 Sub and Black 18 Sub both boast stereo inputs — Mic/Line combo inputs on the left channel and XLR on the right channel — as well as XLR outputs with a built-in crossover, conveniently eliminating the need to purchase an external rack-mounted unit. Unsurprisingly, both subs are ready for anything — again, even their rubber feet are reinforced with steel, and yet they are surprisingly lightweight in transit — despite their proven power and superlative strength.

So, wherever you may roam, rest assured Alto Professional’s all-new active Black Series will help hone your sound in the most professional, practical way possible. Prepare to be blown away!